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Wind Turbines

Imagine receiving a cheque from the ESB instead of always getting a bill. Wind turbines use the unlimited free energy from the wind to power your home. The ESB will now buy back the excess power produced by your turbine. We supply a range of wind turbines varying in sizes and prices from €3000 plus.

Domestic & Commercial Wind Turbines

BCD Energy has an Energy Store in Thurles, Tipperary. Throughout the years BCD Energy has researched many different wind turbines manufacturers and have gained vast experience in the testing and output performance of the various models.

BCD Energy have become agents for 2 German turbine manufacturers,the Aerocraftand the Antaris, each turbine having its own characteristics which benefit particular sites and usage. Their products enhance our own reputation which is built on quality of product and excellent value for money

What BCD Energy can offer?

  • A choice of different turbines with different sizes and prices to suit all budgets
  • A guarantee of excellent quality and after sales service
  • A refundable site survey to test suitability of turbine and estimated pay back periods
  • Maintenance free turbines
  • Reconditioned turbines at a fraction of their cost
  • DIY turbines in box available

Would a wind turbine be suitable for you?

Wind turbines only suit specific sites so if you’re fortunate enough to have a suitable site find out now how much you could be saving on your ESB bill.

  • Have you a windy site with a relatively open view from the south east around to the north west
  • Have you high ESB bills. The higher the ESB bills the more money you save.
  • Is your site located at least 14 metres from your site boundary

Why Invest in wind turbines

  • Can eliminate ESB bill
  • New government incentives to invest in turbines. First 4,000 micro-generations will get 19 cent per kilowatt hour of electricity produced over the next three years.
  • Surplus energy can now be sold back to ESB.
  • Zero pollution and greenhouse gases.
  • No planning permission required.

3.5kW Antaris Wind turbine

Antaris Wind Turbines are designed and manufactured in Germany according to the latest technical developments with particular regard to reliability and ease of maintenance.

Technical Specifications Antaris 3.5 kW


  • Permanent-magnet rotor, brushless, gearless, maintenance-free
  • Extremely strong permanent magnets for a high level of efficiency(NdFeBo permanent magnets,resistent to temperatures up to 150° C)
  • Special ball bearings for reliably taking up radial and axial forces
  • 3-phase current
  • Separate rectifier
  • Either direction of rotation
  • Voltage 0-1000 VDC
  • Start of feed-in at approx. 150 rpm
  • Power: 3500 watts at 550 rpm and 430 VDC
  • Evenly rising power curve
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Aluminium housing, surface cooling, base anchoring


  • Hub connection with aluminium flange and pressure-relief plate
*Stainless-steel screw connections with locknuts *Three rotor blades in glass-fibre / carbon-fibre laminate
  • Computer-designed aerodynamic profile
  • Winglets on blade tips to minimise noise
  • Approx. 3.50 m in diamater (optionally 3.00 m)
  • Weight of each blade: approx. 3.3 kg
  • Dynamically and statically balanced
  • Direction of rotation anticlockwise viewed from front
  • Max. rotational speed 550 rpm
  • GRP spinner cap

Storm protection

  • Rotor-blade positioning (“helicopter position”)
  • Voltage monitoring with braking resistance
  • Generator short-circuit

Control cabinet

  • Control system with voltage monitor
  • Control electronics with turbine controller
  • Connections / plug connectors protected against polarity reversal
  • Service power socket, 230 V
  • Reset switch with key (removable)
  • Emergency-OFF switch
  • 3 kW / 6 kW braking resistance
  • Rectifier, display etc.

6kW Antaris Wind turbine

This 6kW wind turbine is the same as the 3.5kW wind turbine. The differences in the specification is shown below.


  • Start of feed-in at approx. 90 rpm
  • Power: 5500 watts at 440 rpm and 350 VDC


  • 3.5 m to 4.4m in diameter
  • Weight of each blade: approx. 6.2 kg

Control cabinet

  • Available for single phase and 3 phase grid feed in. Windy boy 1100, 1700,3300,3800.
  • 10 kW braking resistance

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can the wires/cables run between the various parts of the system?

The basic system is designed for a generator cable length of up to 30 metres to 5 metres from a 220v socket.

Additional 220v cable can be laid to site a turbine up to 250 metres away from a 220v socket. We would advise that the installation is at least 30 metres from the nearest structure so that wind flow will not be interrupted. Pump houses and outhouses serve as excellent connection points as they already should have a 220v source. Larger turbines will need a specific site survey to locate suitable electrical connection point

Where is the best place to install the inverter?

The inverter needs to be installed in a place that has access to a 220v socket/cable. The larger turbines (10kw +) will need a 3 phase connection. The installation area needs to be dry and covered. The most suitable places, in order, are:

  • Pumphouse
  • Outhouse/Shed/Garden Shed
  • Utility Room
  • We can supply a suitable container to house the inverter if the above options are not available.

Why does the turbine installation have to be done by a qualified electrician/installer?

There are two reasons that the unit must be installed by qualified personnel:

  • The wiring of the electronics/inverters is complicated to install on site. Special lifting equipment is required to erect the turbines.
  • Selecting the best site for your turbine to achieve the best return economically to you needs to be done by qualified installers. The installers need to take into account wake effects, turbulence, line of sight, anchor positions, suitable cable runs, etc.

Can the turbines be installed in my property if there is no Grid connection?

No, the inverter requires a reference mains supply at all times.

How long does the installation take?

Depending on individual site conditions and location, the installation will take approximately ½ day to 1 day.

Do I need to apply for planning permission?

  • For Domestic the max size of turbine that can be installed without planning is a 10m tower and 3m radius blades and has to be 14m away from a boundary, (Certain other criteria may apply)
  • For commercial use up to 20m in height including blades can be installed but must be at least 28m from boundary, (Certain other criteria may apply)

Planning permission is not required for our range of turbines, however some conditions do apply. (Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government: www.environ.ie )

How many systems can be installed on one property?

The Department of Environment regulations state that only 1 turbine is allowed per property.

Is there a product warranty?

Yes, all our turbines have extensive manufacturer warranties.

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