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DIY Aerocraft Wind Turbine

Install and operate your own small scale Wind Turbine

Incorporates New, high performance Permanent Magnet Generator

Maximum power on a minimum budget

With the rapid increase in interest surrounding renewable energy over recent years, we have sourced a range of wind turbines for home/work purposes, suitable for many applications. It struck us that most DIY wind turbine kits rely on the user carving their own blades, or winding their own generators, and this simply puts most people off. We realise that not every DIY enthusiast has access to welding equipment or other specialized gear required to fabricate the parts normally associated with making a successful and reliable wind turbine. It is for these reasons that we have sourced these turbines.

1kW Aerocraft wind turbine

AeroCraft Wind Generator Stations are designed and manufactured in Germany according to the latest technical developments with particular regard to reliability and ease of maintenance.

Special Features

  • Direct drive assures formidable performance and very quiet running.
  • The high performance permanent magnet generator has a completely self contained casing.
  • The generator shaft is made of stainless steel. The front shaft is protected by a watertight seal.

Our small wind energy generators are ideally suited for network supply. The “turbo” version of the AeroCraft Wind Generator Station is designed for coastal and inland locations.

The stability of the system is increased by the reduction of moving parts and servicing is made simpler. The “turbo” system is characterised by trouble-free operation.

The safety system guarantees it can withstand speeds of up to 40 m/s with an eclipse control system. When the wind speed reaches 15-25 m/s the rotor head progressively turned out of the wind by a hinge connecting the generator and the wind vane, thus reducing the generator output.

AeroCraft generators produce a three-phase current which allows covering greater distances with negligible loss.

For site location and tower mounting options, please contact BCD Energy where we can advise on setting up, connecting and operating your turbine.


The 1 kW Aerocraft wind turbine can generate approximately 2190kwhr/yr running at 25% of total capacity.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Capacity – 1000W
  • Cut-In Wind Speed – 3.0m/s
  • Rated Wind Speed – 9.0m/s
  • Cut-out Wind Speed – 60m/s
  • Rotor Diameter – 2.4m
  • Number of Blades – 3
  • Gear Type – Permanent Magnet
  • Rotor Speed – 600RPM
  • Weight – 45kg
  • Azimuth Control – Wind Vane
  • Azimuth Bearing – Dual Ball bearing
  • Power Transmission – Slip ring
  • Storm Safety System – Eclipse Control
  • Manufacturer – Aerocraft in Germany
  • Guarantee – 2 year warranty

For site location and tower mounting options, please contact BCD Energy where we can advise on setting up, connecting and operating your turbine.


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