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The Geothermal Heat Pump

BCD Energy has established a joint venture with Nutherm for the distribution and installation of their heat pumps throughout the midlands.

Due to the current energy concerns and the associated rise in fuel costs, viable renewable alternatives are becoming increasingly important. The geothermal heat pump represents an alternative to conventional heat generation for domestic applications that is both economically viable and environmentally friendly.

At BCD Energy, we provide the most reputable equipment and insist experienced installers to guarantee quality installations every time.

Waterkotte have been designing and manufacturing geothermal heating systems since 1970 and are currently the European market leaders. Waterkotte heat pumps use established refrigeration technology in conjunction with modern computer control systems to harness geothermal energy.


Energy is absorbed by the earth from the sun throughout the year and stored in large quantities in the ground. This energy is entirely renewable but, since the ground is at a temperature of around 10ºC all year, it is relatively low-grade and cannot be used directly for heating. Our task is to upgrade this energy.

25 % drive energy from grid, 75% free heat from the earth

With a relatively small input of electrical work, a large amount of free, renewable energy can be moved from the ground into your home.

To achieve maximum efficiency, the temperature of the heat source must be as high as possible and the flow temperature on the heating side must be as low as possible. With the correct design from heat source to heat distribution, Waterkotte geothermal heat pumps can achieve a co-efficient of performance (COP) of 4.5, i.e. for every 1kW of electrical power used in the compression stage, there is 4.5kW of useful heat output, 3.5kW of which comes free from the ground.

For our Ground Source Heat Pumps we use Waterkotte. “Waterkotte have been designing and manufacturing geothermal heating systems since 1970 and are currently the European market leaders. Waterkotte heat pumps use established refrigeration technology in conjunction with modern computer control systems to harness geothermal energy.”


Waterkotte’s modular unit contains an integrated system, which offers a comprehensive package inclusive of heating, domestic hot water production and natural cooling, without the need for alternative back-up systems. BCD Energy Ltd. offers a wide range of products and solutions, to cater for projects from small apartments to large commercial buildings, so that your heating system is specified for your individual requirements. We provide a complete solution for your home that is both cost effective and environmentally-friendly.


Geothermal energy offers freedom from the rising costs of oil and gas. The high efficiency of Waterkotte geothermal heat pumps as part of a BCD Energy heating system means that, in comparison with conventional heating systems, reductions in running costs of up to 70% are achievable. As a result, the initial cost of the system is recouped in 3-5 years on average. The lifetime of the heat pump is up to 3 times longer than a traditional boiler, and the collector will last as long as the building itself. Investing in a geothermal heating system will increase value of your property.

Environmental issues

The burning of fossil fuels for energy contributes both to depletion of our natural resources and to climate change by the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. With a geothermal heating system, over three quarters of the energy for heating your house comes from a renewable, non-polluting source, significantly reducing your contribution to these problems, economically and without compromising on comfort.

Health, convenience & comfort

Ground source heat pumps have relatively few mechanical components. Combined with their clean operation and low running temperatures, this means that they are more reliable, easier to service and less prone to failure. The typical life time of a Waterkotte geothermal heat pump is around 30 years, while our external garden loops have an expected life of over 100 years.

Conventional heating systems require the transport and storage of fuel, which is both space consuming and expensive. A heat pump does not require any special installation space. The compact design of Waterkotte units means that they can be set up in any average cellar, utility room or garage, without affecting the way the room is used. The heat pump, hot water and heat source modules, as well as the control panel, electrical back-up and heating side plumbing components, are contained in one unit, which is comparable to the size of a domestic washing machine. Heat pumps operate without combustion of any kind, so there are no emissions or release of harmful toxins into the air. The compressor and heat pump housing are designed to reduce structure- and air- borne noise to a minimum.

Each model has an intelligent computer control system that monitors the internal and external temperatures. Using information collected, the system automatically adjusts the heating internally to maintain optimum comfort and maximise efficiency. Waterkotte control software includes weather compensation. An internal modem allows remote communication for maintenance and control.

The Waterkotte hot-water module provides a system which is free of the disadvantages of conventional hot water systems. Since mains water is heated directly as it is drawn from the hot tap, there is no storage of hot water for domestic use. Germs and pathogens are prevented from multiplying, ensuring that the hot water supply is as hygienic as the mains supply. Hot water priority ensures rapid recovery times for the temperature of the thermal store, providing an abundant supply of high quality hot water at mains pressure.


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