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Air to Water Heat Pump

Due to the current energy concerns and the associated rise in fuel costs, viable renewable alternatives are becoming increasingly important. BCD Energy offer a wide range of products and solutions to ensure that your heating system is specified for your individual requirements.

Air-to-water heat pumps, due to their ease and low cost of installation, are both economically viable and environmentally friendly as a renewable alternative to traditional heat generators. The high efficiency of the Aermec ANZ range, even in harsh outdoor conditions, ensures low power consumption and running costs throughout the year. They can be installed in any building at any stage, existing or new-build, along with any back-up system, oil, gas or electrical.


The Aermec ANZ Series air-to-water unit contains the new high efficiency Copeland ZH scroll compressor, designed specifically for heat pumps. The compressor features more extended operating ranges, making it possible to run the heat pump in harsh conditions. These heat pumps have a COP up to 20% greater than traditional air-to-water heat pumps.

COP up to 20% greater than traditional air-to-water heat pumps

Low power consumption and running costs, even in harsh conditions

The large surface area of the heat exchangers means that, since the required fan speeds are lower than with other air source heat pumps, this unit is very low noise. Additionally, the compressor is mounted on shock absorbers and the heat pump is fitted on anti-vibration mounts, reducing structure borne noise.

Aermec ANZ Series heat pumps are available with the following features:

  • Soft start
  • Control panel, including a remote monitoring feature
  • Electrical element
  • Integral buffer tank
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Condensate drip tray
  • Expansion vessel
  • Mechanical water filter

Aermec air-to-water heat pumps consist of one compact unit, with no requirement for any special installation space. The heat pump, control panel, buffer tank and electrical back-up are contained in one unit, comparable to the size of a washing machine. Since there is no collector, there is no impact on garden space and no additional installation cost associated with boreholes or horizontal loops.

Aermec Air-to Water heat pumps, unlike traditional air-to-water units, do not stop heating during their defrost cycle.

The control system includes weather compensation, allowing the water set-point to be adjusted based on the out door air temperature and the building heat requirement. This provides optimal comfort throughout the year and maximises the efficiency of your heating system.


A low temperature heat distribution system like under-floor heating is ideal for use with a heat pump. The large surface area of the under-floor system in comparison with conventional radiator heating systems means that the required heat output can be achieved with much lower floor surface temperatures. For new build homes, this is the ideal solution.


The Waterkotte hot water system, designed specifically for use with heat pumps, comes available for installation with all our DS Series geothermal systems.

The Waterkotte Hygienic Hot Water Module heats water directly as it is drawn from the tap. Mains water is diverted past a thermal store, which is heated to 55ºC by the heat pump. The water is heated instantly by a high efficiency plate heat exchanger

  • Hot water for domestic use is kept separate from the thermal store, preventing bacteria from entering the system and multiplying. This system is free of the hygiene problems associated with traditional hot water storage.
  • Water can be heated from mains temperature to 50ºC instantly.
  • Hot water is supplied at pressure direct from the mains or from a pumped system.
  • Domestic hot water priority ensures fast recovery times.

Waterkotte hot water heating offers an abundant supply of the highest quality water, i.e. it offers hot water of the same, or better, quality as running tap water.


  • COP up to 20% higher than traditional air to water units
  • Extended operating range, providing energy efficiency even in harsh conditions
  • Low operating costs
  • No transport or storage of fuel required
  • Compact unit, requiring no special installation space
  • No collector required, so there is no impact on garden space and none of the associated extra installation costs
  • Ease of installation
  • Suitable for retrofit or new build, and for installation along with any back-up, oil, gas or electrical
  • Weather compensated control feature, maximising energy efficiency and ensuring comfort by responding to weather changes
  • No emissions of any kind
  • Design ensures that structure and air borne noise kept to a minimum.


Energy is absorbed by the earth from the sun throughout the year and stored in large quantities in the subsoil. The atmosphere absorbs this solar energy from the ground. The energy is entirely renewable but, on cold days, when heating is required, it is relatively low-grade compared with the energy in a building. As a result, it cannot be used directly for heating. Our task is to upgrade this energy.

To achieve maximum efficiency, the temperature of the air must be as high as possible and the flow temperature on the heating side must be as low as possible. Unlike a ground source heat pump, the efficiency of an air source heat pump decreases with the outside temperature, while the heat load of the building simultaneously increases. With the correct design of the heating system from heat source to heat distribution, Airmec air-to-water heat pumps can achieve a co-efficient of performance (COP) of up to 3.5 (defined for an air temperature of 7ºC and a heating side flow temperature of 35ºC), i.e. for every 1kW of electrical power used in the compression stage, there is 3.5kW of heat output, 2.5kW of which comes free from the air.


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