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Building Energy Ratings for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificates are required for all non-domestic buildings offered for sale or rent.

What is a Non Domestic BER Certificate?

A Commercial BER Certificate is a label, not unlike the efficiency rating given to white goods such as freezers, fridges, and washing machines. The label is a 21 point scale and indicates the energy rating of a property. The rating is expressed in the form of performance bands with 'A' being the most energy efficient and 'G' the least efficient.

What determines the Commercial Energy Rating achieved?

There are numerous factors taken into account to determine the Commerical Energy Rating of a building. Among these include:

  • The heating ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) implemented
  • Heating and lighting controls
  • Level and type of lighting (e.g. energy efficient bulbs) used
  • The level and type of insulation
  • The ventilation system that is in place
  • Level of renewable technologies adopted

All of these factors and a host of others are taken into account when calculating the rating of a property.

Are there exemptions?

Transitional exemptions apply to new non-domestic buildings for which planning permission has been applied for on or before 30th June 2008 provided the new non-domestic buildings involved are substantially completed by 30th June 2010.  For a full list of building types which are exempt from Commerical BERs referr to SI666 or give us a call.

What is Non domestic Energy Assessment Procedure (NEAP)

The Non Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure (NEAP) is the methodology for demonstrating compliance with specific aspects of Part L of the Building Regulations. NEAP is also used to generate the Building Energy Rating (BER) and advisory report for new and existing non domestic buildings.

What is SBEM?

Simplified Building Energy Modelling (SBEM) can be used in Ireland for the purposes of:

  • Assessing and demonstrating compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations 2008 
  • Of generating a Non Domestic Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate when a building is constructed, sold or leased. 

Further Information?

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