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What is a Building Energy Rating?

A Building Energy Rating (BER) is a calculation of a buildings energy performance, i.e. measure how much energy and carbon dioxide your house will use or produce in a year. The BER is expressed in the form of performance bands, 'A1' being the most efficient and a 'G' being the least efficient.

Why is there a need for BER Certificates?

The Building Energy Rating (BER) will provide a clear energy rating for the house similar to the A to G rating for an electrical appliance. This allows home buyers to take energy performance and energy costs into consideration in their purchasing decision. It also gives the homeowner the necessary knowledge to make improvements to their home. These improvements will reduce your energy bills and improve the market value of the house.

What dwellings need to have a BER completed?


  • A BER certificate is now compulsory for all homes being sold or rented.
  • All new homes (even when not for sale) must have a BER certificate before they are occupied


Click here for more information on Commercial BER certs.

  • A BER certificate is now compulsory for all non-residential buildings being sold or rented.
  • All non-residential buildings (even when not for sale) must have a BER certificate

There are fines of up to € 5,000 for non-compliance with the regulations.

How is a BER calculated?

A BER is calculated by a BER qualified assessor using the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP) published by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI). The DEAP is the national methodology adopted for calculating and assessing the energy performance of dwellings.

The procedure takes account of the following factors amongst others to calculate the rating:

  • Size of the dwelling
  • Construction Materials used in the Building
  • Thermal insulation levels used in the walls, roof, floors, doors and windows
  • Ventilation systems used in the dwelling
  • Efficiency, responsiveness and controls of the heating system
  • The fuel used to provide space and water heating
  • Renewable and alternative energy

How can I improve my Energy Rating?

The Building Energy Rating Certificate comes with an accompanying advisory report. This report outlines recommendations as to what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You may then choose to implement some or all of the changes outlined.

BCD Energy Consultants recommendations may include:

  • increasing the insulation in the walls/attic/floors
  • installing advanced energy efficient windows/doors
  • measures to achieve controlled, healthy ventilation
  • replace an old or inefficient boiler with a more efficient boiler
  • installing modern heating controls
  • installing certain types of renewable energy heating systems
  • insulating the hot water cylinder and pipe work

The advisory report is a key document for all home buyers. It is particularly useful to those who have just purchased an existing dwelling which they plan to improve or remodel in their early stages of occupancy. This report will outline to you how you can gain the full benefit of energy usage in your home. It will help save you money from the moment you move in.

Building Energy Ratings for New & Existing Dwellings

BCD Energy not only supply quality assured BER Certificates which fulfils your legal requirements, we also prepare an advisory report highlighting methods to improve upon the rating making the property more valuable.

How much does a BER Certificate Cost?

The rates for Building Energy ratings vary, depending on the dwelling and start from as little as €180! Batches of dwellings are usually easier to assess as they are similar in dimensions and materials. Discounts of 50 to 75% are available on large developments where the housing stock is very similar.

We also offer a Pre-Build Advisory service. Ideally we recommend that you obtain BER advice before construction commences. At this stage we can predict the likely BER outcome and we can advise on BER improvement measures.

Further Information?

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