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Air Tightness Testing

BCD Energy provides an air tightness test and measurement service for new and existing dwellings. An air tight home can significantly improve the BER rating of your home.

Since January 2008 all new one off Dwellings and a minimum of 3 or 10% of Dwellings in housing estates will need Air Tightness Tests.

What is an air tightness test?

Air tightness testing measures the flow of air within a building with the aim of identifying areas of the home that are experiencing heat loss. In other words it measures how well the building is sealed and is a good benchmark during construction to the quality of build.

How is an air tightness test carried out?

The vents and chimney openings are sealed, and then a pressure difference is created inside the building to that of the pressure outside. The pressure difference is achieved by a variable speed fan which is placed in an exterior door of the building. The flow through the fan is then measured at various pressures and the data compiled by a software programme.

The pressure difference will expose any air leakage points throughout the building under testing. This test can be carried out before final interior finishing and combined with a smoke test to identify any infiltration points.. When remedial work is completed, the test can be re run again and we will provide documented proof that the building has a good air tightness rating adding to the overall thermal efficiency of the building.

  • Benefits of an air tightness test
  • Pinpoints draughts in dwellings and how to minimize them
  • Highlights areas of heat loss
  • Accurately measure how airtight the dwelling is
  • Can vastly improve BER rating of dwelling
  • Heating systems can be sized smaller and be cheaper
  • Improved air tightness reduces energy costs and increases comfort

Areas of heart loss increase your energy consumption and, with it, the amount of money your property is wasting.

Further Information?

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