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One of the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce your electricity bills is to change your light bulbs to Energy Efficient Lighting.

A 20watt CFL gives the same light level as a 100watt traditional bulb, and lasts up to 12 times longer and uses 5 times less electricity.

Myth verses Reality

  • It is a myth that incandescent filament lamps look better than energy efficient fluorescent lamps.
  • In reality advances in lighting mean that there are more efficient alternatives which can look just as good and save on energy costs.

In conjunction with some major manufacturers, BCD Energy Ltd. have secured a wide range of super efficient bulbs and fittings for indoor and outdoor which are proving extremely popular as replacements for consumers who find it difficult to match up a low energy with their existing fitment. We can also send one of our lighting experts out to your house to see what type of light bulbs would be most suitable for your particular house.

Special Offer on Energy Efficient Bulbs

Were €6.50 now €4.99 Saving €1.51 per bulb

And even more savings if buying in bulk

5 for the price of 4. Saving €4.99 off discounted price

13 for the price of 10. Saving €14.97 off discounted price

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