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Fire Bird Condensing Boilers

Homeowners can typically reduce their energy usage by up to 20% by installing a high efficiency boiler as a replacement for older lower efficiency models.

With the Home Energy Saving Scheme grants available now has never been a better time to upgrade your old boiler with a new high efficiency condensing boiler. Achieving efficiencies of up to 97% a Firebird condensing boiler can reduce your home heating bills by up to 25%. Older conventional boilers can be wasteful of energy and costly to run because a significant portion of the heat is lost up the flue/chimney. The latest models of high efficiency boilers capture more of this heat, which would otherwise be lost.

In simple terms a 97% efficiency boiler means that for every €100 spent on oil only €3 is wasted. Boilers older than 10 years would have an efficiency of say 70% so for every €100 spent on oil €30 is wasted.

The Benefits of High Efficiency Boilers

  • Large reduction in heating bills
  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Increased comfort levels

Do I Need a New High Efficiency Boiler?

You can do a quick check on your boiler requirements by answering the simple questions below. If you answer YES to any of these questions it would be beneficial for you to further investigate installing a new high efficiency boiler:

  • Was my current boiler installed over 10 years ago?
  • Am I spending increasing amounts of money replacing parts on my current boiler?
  • Does my boiler service engineer recommend that I change my boiler soon?
  • Has my heating bill been increasing in recent years?
  • Is my current boiler too big for my needs? (Are there less people in my house now, do I need less heat and hot water?)

With over thirty years experience in the construction industry, BCD Energy has the experience to carry out your heating system upgrade.

Firebird is a leading manufacturer of high efficiency oil-fired boilers.

BCD Energy choose Firebird Boilers as they are one of Ireland's and the UK's leading manufacturers of quality high efficient oil fired boilers.  The company has built its reputation over many years for reliability and excellent levels of after sales service. The Enviromax condensing boiler was specifically designed to be the most environmentally friendly high efficiency oil boiler.

The Enviromax range of domestic oil fired boilers are highly efficient condensing boilers and are all independently certified to sedbuk Band A. The incredible efficiency of the boiler enabled Firebird to lead the way by having the first registered Sedbuk Band A rated Condensing oil fired Combination boiler.

Because of their increased efficiency the Firebird Enviromax Range emit less carbon dioxide than non-condensing boilers, which will contribute to efforts to reduce global warming. For a brochure click here (brochure on fire bird website and also in folder).

The Benefits of the Enviromax condensing boiler

  • Robust design built to last
  • Sedbuk Band A efficiency
  • Easy clean baked on polyester casing.
  • Ideal choice for either kitchen or utility room.
  • Only 845mm high allows the boilers to be fitted under counters (indoor version)
  • Fully insulated and acoustically designed for ultra quiet operation (indoor version)
  • Unique patented heat exchanger designed specifically for condensing operation.

With over thirty years experience in the construction industry, BCD Energy has the experience to carry out your heating system upgrade.

Further Information?

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