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BCD Energy provides a professional Energy Consultancy service whose aim is to provide our clients with an independent energy assessment and feasibility study to achieve energy efficiency and quality Energy Management Systems.

The Companies workforce have each a long established reputation in delivering high quality consultancy services in Environmental and Quality Management Systems, such as I.S.393, ISO 14001, EMAS and ISO9001.

Our practice has conducted many energy audits at small, medium and large industries, in a number of sectors. The emphasis is on reducing energy costs whilst improving or maintaining the quality of products manufactured/supplied.

BCD Energy Consultants has helped large companies to implement and operate management systems to understand their energy use and implement saving opportunities at a level appropriate to the scale of the company and their energy spend.

Energy Auditing

BCD Energy Consultants can carry out all levels of energy audits, from quick, preliminary audits to full investment proposals. An Energy Audit is a decisive review of how energy is being used and where it is being wasted. It is the first step towards energy management and energy cost savings.

In carrying out an energy audit, we first identify and evaluate all energy uses, and then recommend effective energy and cost saving methods. We rank recommendations according to investment cost and payback period and many of the recommendations will pay for themselves through energy savings in a short timeframe.

In our experience energy cost savings of 20% are generally easily achievable in companies that have no prior experience of energy management.


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